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Engaging Violence: an Interdisciplinary Response

  • European Center for the Study of War and Peace Bosanska 28 10000 Zagreb Croatia (map)

Join us for our 5th annual Balkans Semester conference and the following celebration dinner. Balkans Semester students will present their response to the question "how do we respond to violence"? Additionally, keynote speakers Paul Brink, Meredith Whitnah, James Taylor, Mark Gedney, and John Sarrouf will present on various topics. 

Papers being presented are titled as follows:

Reconsidering Just War

Just Causes: An Impossible Translation

Violence Without Vengence

His Law is Love and His Gospel is Peace: Learning to Dance with God's Law

Pacifism: Achieving Peace through Embracing the Other

A Pacifist Approach to Rape

'Women, a Power for Change'? The Fragility of a Prophetic Voice against Injustice and Violence

The Wandering Scapegoat

'As for Me' : The Challenge of Asymmetrical Pacifism

Overcoming Violence through Proximity

Overcoming Isolationism through Exchanging Narratives

Breaking Violence: the Pursuit of Empathy

Together as Two: Toward Non-Reductive Reciprocity

Undergoing Translation and Atonement: From Theory to Work

Art as Interval

Translating in the Interval: Creativity a a Response to Violence

The Test of the Stranger, the Test of Translation

Mourning as a First Response

'Groanings too Deep for Words': In Response to Suffering

Examining Memorials as Gardens of Hate and Sites of Mourning

Race and Reconciliation beyond Social Justice