Boston university in croatia : transitional justice and reconciliation in the balkans

[January term Program]


This travel course will provide students with an opportunity to study transitional justice, interethnic and interreligious conflict, and  reconciliation processes through first hand encounters with the post-conflict societies of the Balkans. 

Theological, philosophical, and sociological approaches will be utilized in examining conflicts and practices that promote justice and lead to reconciliation. While studying at the Center in Zagreb, visiting war memorials and divided cities in Bosnia and Croatia, and through participating in the daily life of local religious communities, students will be engaged in meaningful dialogue with local experts and survivors of violent conflicts. There will be an opportunity for reflection, integration, and spiritual practice on a daily basis, and with greater intention, during a final retreat on the Croatian coast. 


Croatia: Zagreb, Vukovar, Slunj, Dubrovnik 

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Mostar 


January 2 - January 17, 2018


This program is offered through the Boston University School of Theology's Religion and Conflict Transformation Program. Click here for more details